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The Apartment: 105 m², L=20m.



Two styles in a harmonious dialogue.

The apartment is situated on the first floor of the building.

The design is the result of the tension between two completely different atmospheres.

Tim was seduced by vintage fifties furniture of Scandinavia, and Nathalie looked for a way to work these pieces into her own style. She creates a three meter wide strip in the middle of the space. The coloured strip is independent from the surrounding envelope. It draws a relief on the floor which answers to the postures associed to the different domestic actions.

The strip is repeated on the ceiling, with integred light and sond elements, which aide the creations of ambiences.

The surface of this strip is coloured and smooth, the floor and ceiling are covered in a pink skin, giving a softness to the entire space. In the relaxation area and watching television, a big square full of pink “marshmallow” pillows comforts you.

On the other side of this strip, the wallpaper with a subtle reliëf, the wooden floor and the furniture, bring a touch of era’s past. The kitchen mixes both styles, combining pure white metal objects with a pair of Swedish buffet cupboards.

Tim’s collages and sculptures are spread throughout the space and give a subtle touch of strangeness to the whole.


The apartment is available under specific condition.


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