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Studio n : 67 m².





In Nathalie’s studio, different volumes are made within the original space to create microspheres, each for particular usage.

Two large white walls, which frame the skylight,, resemble the façades of small houses like the setting of a village square.

The cut out windows face a full blue wall. In Nathalie’s atelier different volumes are made alcove, a place to read and to savour the view of the sky and the earth. On the other side of the wall, a little yellowish greenhouse forms the office space. In the back, against a blue space with the library with it’s funny round fuschia pillows invite to sit on the floor.

Every microspace creates a specific atmosphere, by using color, light and forms.

The middle of the workshop, under the skylight is the strategic focus of the space, where light bulbs come falling from the sky, down to the tailor-made table. When it gets dark outside, the twinkly lights create an enchanting spectacle.



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