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(WHY) - A multi functional location.

Not only does the building allows both Tim and Nathalie to make and present their own creations, it also offers a variety of spaces for rent , suitable for interaction, exhibition and event hosting.

Paris Texas can be rented as a whole or shared for photoshoots, fashion shows, as well as exhibitions, showrooms, pop up stores, etc.

The project also aims to become a "platform for creation", to encourage the exchange of ideas, to cultivate projects, and to bring together people from a broad artistic spectrum.

(WHO) - Paris - Texas - Antwerp: 3 places unified in one project.

nathalie Wolberg is an architect, born in Paris, where she lived until moving to Antwerp.

tim Stokes is an American artist from Fort Worth, Texas.

They met in 2008 in Dallas at the inaugural "Central Trak” artist residency, organised by the University of Texas, where they were both invited to present their work on art and architecture entitled "False space and time of the apartment."

Soon after they left for Paris, where they were married. Two years later they decided to conquer new territories, to begin a project that could reflect both personalities.

Antwerp, culturally vibrant and located in the center of Europe, seemed to be an obvious next step.

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