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Master's Diploma Fashion Departement of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp


06. 2015



Yellow, Red and Blue  - ... 12 walking paintings


In the context of an exhibition, the art piece is an ambiguous object. For the artist Lygia Clark, her art is a multi-sensory experience: She presents objects that can be manipulated by the art spectators, making neutrality impossible for them. By its participation, the visitor does echo and build his own story.

This new approach generates a set of possibilities and ambiguities for the new author. To preserve the power of his experience, he might even draw minimal sketches or take pictures and archive his personal interpretation. The idea becomes active in the person, creating a focus on what has captured his memory.

This intimate experience the artist had focused on will fill the spectator with various emotions. In this collection, the emotions are illustrated with vibrant colors. 

This selection of memories is illustrated by geometrical shapes in my silhouettes, focus points that are close ups of fabrics becoming a new pattern. By playing with the focus and changing the proportions and perspective, the picture of fabric samples ends up shaping the silhouette.

In the collection, the folds and sculptural shapes from Lygia Clark are re-interpreted into clean and sharp cuts balanced with movement. The long narrow silhouette takes reference from clean, sharp and masculine tailoring in contrast with a minimal interpretation of classic evening dresses and sport details. 

This reveals a kind of woman with a real presence, challenging the conventional notions of beauty.


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