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Master « Design & Espace » from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de l’Agglomération d’Annecy.

Students : Natacha Rottier, Marie Duclos, Clément Vieille, Antoine Felix.

Teachers : Didier Tallagrand , Nicolas Tixier et Alexandre Costanzo


8 - 13 December 2014.


The experience of travelling together to Japan, and of our individual trips in 2014 were a catalizer of creativity and development in our artistic practice.

Translation of these travels developped through scribbled encouters, unique dwellings and constructions of imaginary worlds.

The key idea of working at Paris Texas antwerp was to move our workspace and to show past and present experiences. The aim was to present them in an ever evolving progress over the course of a week, as the space was opened to public.

Paris Texas antwerp gave us the opportunity to question the form and the presentation of the work. Aside from that, we were introduced to people of various sorts, with whom we had enriching conversations about our personal practice.







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