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the one of the meta narrative that accelerates the disappearance of the theatre space as such, and brings to the foreground a shifting dynamic roles that penetrates both the dramaturgical space as much as the real life to which the audience belongs to.

The Game of Roles, the graduate show Master of Research in Art & Design (Sint Lucas Antwerpen), borrows its title from this interaction in Pirandello’s plays and speculates on the different roles that the practices on show can interpret in an expanded idea of the exhibition.

The artists participating to The Game of Roles, in fact, inhabit multiple roles, fields, formats through their practices, and therefore they share a vast set of strategies that allow them to enter in and out of the exhibition space. Using it differently each time: as a conference room, a kitchen, an office or a concert hall, to name a few. Paris Texas in Antwerp is imagined as two spaces, where two parallel exhibitions are taking place with the same participants, allowing the artists to diversify the presentation of their works through ways of repetition, displacement, or serialization.

In The Game of Roles the grammar of the exhibition is put into question by creating a meta level where every work could belong to a different environment while still claiming a position within the narrative of a contemporary art show.








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