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30 March-02 April 2017.


Curator: Wouter van Loo
Participating artists:
- Geert Joostens
- William Fort
- Joris De Koster
- Joachim West

- Koen De Ceuleneer

Drawing conclusion is an exhibition about drawing. Not the useless and meaningless doodle we all do sometimes but drawing with a purpose or drawing as a means to an end.
Drawing is used for centuries as a medium to represent things or a certain reality, as you like. A drawing is still the image of something but also from somebody.
With the rise of photography some believed it would oppress drawing but look at it, the artists participating in the exhibition are adapting photography and/or use photorealistic presentation as mayor idea.
Where some of the artists are concerned with form and surface appearance to evoke a realistic object-space others are wrapped up in a stream of consciousness where form and ideas are getting born by the representation of the surreal or grotesque.
Anyhow whether the artists are representing reality or not, they all have there own sensible and autonomous expression. 





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