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19 - 21 May 2017

Paris Texas antwerp gives "carte blanche" to the artist Wouter Van Loo, giving him the opportunity to organise an artistic event.

La Piscine d’Activité vzw is proud to present: ‘Whether or Not Assumptions’ (Miller, 2017) with artists Katinka de Jonge & Liesje De Laet (AMP), Fia Cielen, Erin Helsen, Karolien Chromiak and Karina Beumer, curated by Wouter Van Loo.

The exhibition will focus on the role of production of art and on the ways in which it is used in terms of identity construction and/or gender differentiation.

The curator selected six young artists who work with installation, performative situations and presentation. They do either research into cinematic, theatrical or aesthetic strategies, but are still indebted to the Visual Arts. Their practice is best described as critical

and regenerating because it questions itself.

The group show will be the result of an intense collaboration. So said, the exhibition will arise as if all the individual works/presentations are posted there by one and the same mysterious artist.

With this enigmatic conceptualisation the artists want to investigate a number of topics like spectatorship, authorship, role-playand whether or not their symbolic annihilation.

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